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-Chicken heat shock protein 90 is a component of the putative cellular receptor complex of infectious bursal disease virusLin, T.W.; 王敏盈; Lo, C.W.; Lai, S.Y.; Fan, R.J.; Lo, C.J.; Chou, Y.M.; Thiruvengadam, R.; Wang, A.H.J.; Wang, M.Y.; 范瑞珍-
-Effects of Polyamines on the DNA-Reactive Properties of Dimeric Mithramycin Complexed with Cobalt(II): Implications for Anticancer TherapyHou, M.H.; 范瑞珍; Lu, W.J.; Huang, C.Y.; Fan, R.J.; Yuann, J.M.P.; 侯明宏-
-Magnesium lithospermate B extracted from Salvia miltiorrhiza elevats intracellular Ca2+ level in SH-SY5Y cellsChen, Y.C.; Jinn, T.R.; Chung, T.Y.; Li, F.Y.; Fan, R.J.; Tzen, J.T.C.-
-Nocifensive behaviors components evoked by brief laser pulses are mediated by C fibersFan, R.J.; Kung, J.C.; Olausson, B.A.; Shyu, B.C.-