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-Administration of triiodothyronine and dopamine to broiler chicks increases growth, feed conversion and visceral organ massChang, S.C.; Lin, M.J.; Croom, J.; Fan, Y.K.-
-Dietary supplementation of fat increased milk fat percentage without affecting ruminal characteristics in Holstein cows in a warm tropical environmentWang, A.S.; Jan, D.F.; Chen, K.J.; Yang, D.W.; Fan, Y.K.-
-Effect of genotype on whole-body and intestinal metabolic response to monensin in miceFan, Y.K.; Croom, W.J.; Daniel, L.; McBride, B.W.; Koci, M.; Havenstein, G.B.; Eisen, E.J.-
-Effect of preparturient intramuscular injection of vitamin E and selenium on milk somatic cell counts in Holstein cowsFan, Y.K.; Lin, I.T.; Chang, H.I.-
-The effects of endurance training on the hemogram of the horseFan, Y.K.; 朱志成; Hsu, J.C.; Peh, H.C.; Tsang, C.L.; Cheng, S.P.; Chiu, S.C.; Ju, J.C.; 許振忠-
-Feeding value of high-oil corn for Taiwan country chickenLin, M.J.; Chiou, P.W.S.; Chang, S.C.; Croom, J.; Fan, Y.K.-
-High ejaculation frequency enhances semen production in Taiwan country chickensFan, Y.K.; 朱志成; Ju, J.C.; Lee, S.L.; Chen, C.F.; Peh, H.C.; Hsu, J.C.; Lee, Y.P.; 許振忠; 陳志峰-
-Ionophores have limited effects on jejunal glucose absorption and energy metabolism in miceFan, Y.K.; Croom, J.; Eisen, E.J.; Spires, H.R.; Daniel, L.R.-
-Regulation of intestinal glucose absorption: A new issue in animal scienceCroom, W.J.; McBride, B.; Bird, A.R.; Fan, Y.K.; Odle, J.; Froetschel, M.; Taylor, I.L.-
-Selection for growth does not alter jejunal glucose absorption and energy metabolism in miceFan, Y.K.; Croom, W.J.; Taylor, I.L.; Daniel, L.R.; Bird, A.R.; McBride, B.W.; Christensen, V.L.; Eisen, E.J.-
-Surgical oocyte retrieval and the developmental potential of the oocytes derived from prepubertal calvesYeh, S.P.; 朱志成; Ju, J.C.; Tseng, J.K.; Chou, P.C.; Chen, C.H.; Chih, T.; Fan, Y.K.-