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-Experiment on the scouring and deposition of sediment delivery with different flowing conditions.李政祐; Li, Zheng-you-
-Experiments on the Effectiveness of Sand-fixed HedgeYuan-Ching Lee; 李遠慶; Yan-Ming Chang; Fan-Chieh Yu; Yung-Cheh Chiang; 游繁結; 張炎銘; 江永哲-
-An Introduction of Cellular Automata Theory and Its Preliminary Application on Debris Flow Hazard Simulation陳建元; Chien-Yuan Chen; 游繁結; 羅俊雄; 陳天健; 李文正; Fan-Chieh Yu; Chin-Hsiung Loh; Tien-Chien Chen; Wen-Cheng Lee
-Study on the Phenomenon of Soil Detachment by Overland Flow on Slopeland唐琦; Tang, Chi-
-A Study on the Rill Formation by Infiltration尹承遠; Chen-Yuan Yin; 游繁結; Fan-Chieh Yu-
-Study+on+the+Properties+of+Sand+Grain+on+the+Western+Coast+of+TaiwanIue-Shi Wu; 游繁結; Fan-Chieh Yu; Yung-Chen Chiang; Yung-Chen Chiang; Iue-Shi Wu; Fan-Chieh Yu; 江永哲; 江永哲; 吳約西; 吳約西; 游繁結
-不同海岸防風林型態與風速之關係試驗Yung-Cheh Chiang; 黃隆明; Fan-Chieh Yu; Long-Ming Huang; 江永哲; 游繁結-
-不同粒徑組成之土石流流動特性研究Chieh-Hsin Lai; 賴建信; Fan-Chieh Yu; 游繁結-
-不同粒徑組成與土石流發生之關係探討游繁結; Fan-Chieh Yu; 賴建信; Chien-Hsin Lai-
-以作物係數法推估三種不同草地之蒸發散量唐琦; Chi Tang; 游繁結; 徐森雄; Fan-Chieh Yu; Sen-Hsiung Hsu
-以指數平滑法擬合流量率定曲線游繁結; Fan-Chieh Yu; 賴建信; Chien-Hsin Lai-
-以砂箱試驗探討地下水滲流對邊坡崩壞之影響劉邦崇; Liu, Pang-Chung-
-以雷達圖法導引溪流生態工法之研究林鎮洋; Jen-Yang Lin; 游繁結; 吳明聖; Fan-Chieh Yu; Ming-Sheng Wu
-兩段式水筒模式應用於關刀溪森林集水區之研究Huang, Shin-Tsang; 黃信蒼-
-半三維崩塌機制研究鄧學謙; Deng, Shyne-Chian-
-固床工之動床模型試驗Cheng-Dar Huang; 黃政達; Fan-Chieh Yu; 游繁結-
-固床工間距之研究張則安; Chang, Tzer-Anne-
-土壤沖蝕率指數K值之室內直接測定Fan-Chieh Yu; 游繁結
-土石流之基礎研究 (I)土石流發生機制之研究Fan-Chieh Yu; 游繁結-
-土石流之基礎研究 (II)土石流流速之初步探討游繁結; Fan-Chieh Yu; 陳重光; Chung-Kuang Chen