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-Causes of Relinquishing the Dogs Adopted from Animal Shelters in TaiwanFuh, Y.B.; Tung, M.C.; Tung, K.C.; Chiang, J.T.; Fei, C.Y.-
-A Study on the Association between Number of Impounded Days and Adoption Rate of Stray Dogs at Public Animal Shelters in Changhua County, TaiwanTung, M.C.; Fei, C.Y.; Chiang, J.T.; Tung, K.C.-
-The Use of Commercial Soil Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit and Nested PCR for Detection of Leptospira in Farm Environment after Flooding in TaiwanFuh, Y.B.; Shia, W.Y.; Lee, W.M.; Shyu, C.L.; Wang, C.Y.; Fei, C.Y.-