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-Comparison of E and NS1 antigens capture ELISA to detect dengue viral antigens from mosquitoesChao, Day-Yu; Liu, Yi-Jung; Shen, Wen-Fan; Tu, Wu-Chun; Galula, Jedhan Ucat; Wu, Han-Chung-
-Epitope resurfacing on dengue virus-like particle vaccine preparation to induce broad neutralizing antibodyShen, Wen-Fan; Galula, Jedhan Ucat; Liu, Jyung-Hurng; Liao, Mei-Ying; Huang, Cheng-Hao; Wang, Yu-Chun; Wu, Han-Chung; Liang, Jian-Jong; Lin, Yi-Ling; Whitney, Matthew T; Chang, Gwong-Jen J; Chen, Sheng-Ren; Wu, Shang-Rung; 趙黛瑜; Chao, Day-Yu
-Nonstructural protein 1-specific immunoglobulin M and G antibody capture enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays in diagnosis of flaviviral infections in humansChao, Day-Yu; Galula, Jedhan Ucat; Shen, Wen-Fan; Davis, Brent S; Chang, Gwong-Jen J-
-分子生物學鑑定運用於蛔蟲屬之幼蟲移行高裕翔; Galula, Jedhan Ucat-