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-1,3-bis N-sulfonyl-(1R,2S)-1,3-diphenyl-2-aminopropanol benzene: An excellent ligand for titanium-catalyzed asymmetric AlPh3(THF) additions to aldehydesHsieh, S.H.; Chen, C.A.; Chuang, D.W.; Yang, M.C.; Yang, H.T.; Gau, H.M.-
-(2,2-Dimethyl-alpha,alpha,alpha ',alpha '-tetraphenyl-1,3-dioxolane-4,5-dimethanolato-kappa O-2(4),O-5)ethyl(tetrahydrofuran-kappa O)aluminium(III)Chen, C.A.; 高漢謀; Wu, K.H.; Gau, H.M.-
-AlAr3(THF): highly efficient reagents for cross-couplings with aryl bromides and chlorides catalyzed by the economic palladium complex of PCy3Ku, S.L.; 高漢謀; Hui, X.P.; Chen, C.A.; Kuo, Y.Y.; Gau, H.M.-
-Asymmetric alkynyl additions to aldehydes catalyzed by tunable Oxovanadium(V) complexes of Schiff bases of beta-amino alcoholsHsieh, S.H.; 高漢謀; Gau, H.M.-
-Catalysts with mixed ligands on immobilized supports. Electronic and steric advantagesDoyle, M.P.; 高漢謀; Yan, M.; Gau, H.M.; Blossey, E.C.-
-Chiral tertiary 2-furyl alcohols: diversified key intermediates to bioactive compounds. Their enantioselective synthesis via (2-furyl) aluminium addition to ketones catalyzed by a titanium catalyst of (S)-BINOLWu, K.H.; 高漢謀; Chuang, D.W.; Chen, C.A.; Gau, H.M.-
-Development of a family of beta-amino alcohol ligands with two stereocenters for highly efficient enantioselective trimethylsilylcyanation of aldehydesYou, J.S.; 高漢謀; Gau, H.M.; Choi, M.C.K.-
-Dichlorido(N,N '-dibenzylideneethane-1,2-diamine-kappa N-2,N ') (2,2-dimethyl-1,3-dioxolane-4,5-diyl)bis(diphenylmethan-olato)-kappa O-2,O ' titanium(IV)Chen, C.A.; Chiang, L.Y.; Gau, H.M.-
-Direct Asymmetric Catalytic Thienylaluminum Addition to Ketones: A Concise Approach to the Synthesis of (S)-Tiemonium IodideBiradar, D.B.; 高漢謀; Zhou, S.L.; Gau, H.M.-
-An efficient and high-yield one-pot synthesis of bis(oxazoline)sHui, X.P.; 高漢謀; Huang, J.I.; Chiou, S.J.; Gau, H.M.-
-An efficient nickel-catalyzed alkenylation of functionalized benzylic halides with alkenylaluminum reagentsBiradar, D.B.; Gau, H.M.-
-Enantioselective addition of AlEt3 to aldehydes catalyzed by titanium(IV)-TADDOLate complexLu, J.F.; 高漢謀; You, J.S.; Gau, H.M.-
-Enantioselective addition of diethylzinc to aldehydes catalyzed by titanium(IV) complexes of diol derivatives of D-mannitol and the spectroscopic study of the catalytic systemYou, J.S.; 高漢謀; Shao, M.Y.; Gau, H.M.-
-Enantioselective addition of diethylzinc to aldehydes catalyzed by Titanium(IV) complexes of N-sulfonylated beta-amino alcohols with four stereogenic centersHsieh, S.S.; 高漢謀; Gau, H.M.-
-Extremely Efficient Cross-Coupling of Benzylic Halides with Aryltitanium Tris(isopropoxide) Catalyzed by Low Loadings of a Simple Palladium(II) Acetate/Tris(p-tolyl)phosphine SystemChen, C.R.; 高漢謀; Zhou, S.L.; Biradar, D.B.; Gau, H.M.-
-Facile syntheses of TiCl2(TADDOLate)(L-2), efficient asymmetric ethylation of PhCHO, and an unexpected rearrangement of the tetramethyl analogue of the TADDOL ligandShao, M.Y.; 高漢謀; Gau, H.M.-
-Facile synthesis of polyaniline-supported Pd nanoparticles and their catalytic properties toward selective hydrogenation of alkynes and cinnamaldehydeGao, Y.; 高漢謀; Chen, C.A.; Gau, H.M.; Bailey, J.A.; Akhadov, E.; Williams, D.; Wang, H.L.-
-Highly Enantioselective 3-Furylation of Ketones Using (3-Furyl)titanium NucleophileZhou, S.L.; 高漢謀; Chen, C.R.; Gau, H.M.-
-Highly enantioselective aryl additions of AlAr3(thf) to ketones catalyzed by a Titanium(IV) catalyst of (S)-BinolChen, C.A.; Wu, K.H.; Gau, H.M.-
-Highly Enantioselective Arylation of Aldehydes and Ketones Using AlArEt2(THF) as Aryl SourcesZhou, S.L.; Wu, K.H.; Chen, C.A.; Gau, H.M.-