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-Ischemic brain cell-derived conditioned medium protects astrocytes against ischemia through GDNF/ERK/NF-kB signaling pathwayChu, L.F.; Wang, W.T.; Ghanta, V.K.; Lin, C.H.; Chiang, Y.Y.; Hsueh, C.M.-
-Molecules involve in the self-protection of neurons against glucose-oxygen-serum deprivation (GOSD)-induced cell damageWang, C.H.; Lee, W.J.; Ghanta, V.K.; Wang, W.T.; Cheng, S.Y.; Hsueh, C.M.-
-XIAP-mediated protection of H460 lung cancer cells against cisplatinCheng, Y.J.; Jiang, H.S.; Hsu, S.L.; Lin, L.C.; Wu, C.L.; Ghanta, V.K.; Hsueh, C.M.-