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-Identification of a New Begomovirus Associated with Yellow Leaf Curl Diseases of Tomato and Pepper in Sulawesi, IndonesiaTsai, W.S.; 詹富智; Shih, S.L.; Green, S.K.; Lee, L.M.; Luther, G.C.; Ratulangi, M.; Sembel, D.T.; Jan, F.J.-
-Molecular characterization of a distinct tomato-infecting begomovirus associated with yellow leaf curl diseased tomato in Lembang, Java Island of IndonesiaTsai, W.S.; Shih, S.L.; Green, S.K.; Jan, F.J.-
-Molecular characterization of pepper yellow leaf curl Indonesia virus in leaf curl and yellowing diseased tomato and pepper in IndonesiaTsai, W.S.; Shih, S.L.; Green, S.K.; Rauf, A.; Hidayat, S.H.; Jan, F.J.-
-Molecular characterization of the CP gene and 3 ' UTR of Chilli veinal mottle virus from South and Southeast AsiaTsai, W.S.; 詹富智; Huang, Y.C.; Zhang, D.Y.; Reddy, K.; Hidayat, S.H.; Srithongchai, W.; Green, S.K.; Jan, F.J.-
-Occurrence and molecular characterization of Squash leaf curl Phillipines virus in TaiwanTsai, W.S.; Shih, S.L.; Green, S.K.; Jan, F.J.-
-Resistance to a DNA and a RNA virus in transgenic plants by using a single chimeric transgene construct詹富智; Lin, C.Y.; 古新梅; Ku, H.M.; Tsai, W.S.; Green, S.K.; Jan, F.J.-