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-(Acta Horticulture., 738:545-548)Prolonging the longevity of Cymbidium flowers through genetic transformationChen, Y. T.; H. H. Chen; H. Uchimiya; M. J. Chu; Y. S. Chiou; J. F. Shaw; L. C. Huang
-(Canadian J. of Veterinary Research,67:102-107)Serum C-reactive protein in dairy herdsW. C. Lee; H. C. Hsiao; Y. L. Wu; J. H. Lin; Y. P. Lee; H. P. Fung; H. H. Chen; Y. H. Chen; R. M. Chu
-(Canadian J. of Veterinary Research,67:283-290)Serum acute phase proteins and swine health statusH. H. Chen; J. H. Lin; H. P. Fung; L. L. Ho; P. C. Yang; W. C. Lee; Y. P. Lee; R. M. Chu
-(J. Gen. and Mol. Biol., 14: 006-012)Completion of the rice Chromosome 5 high-quality draftChow,T. Y.; Y. I. Hsing; H. P. Wu; H. H. Chen; M. C. Chung; C. S. Chen; J. F. Shaw; Y. T. Chao; P. F. Lee; C. L. Su; M. K. Chu-
-(J. Gen. and Mol. Biol., 14: 201-206)Rice Structural and Functional Genome Research in ASPGC, Academia SinicaChao, Y. T.; C. S. Chen; H. H. Chen; T. Y. Chow; M. C. Chung; J. S. Hsieh; Y. I. Hsing; P. F. Lee; Y. R. Lin; J. F. Shaw; C. L. Su; H. P. Wu; S. M. Yu
-(Mol. Breed., 09: 211-216)Extended flower longevity of petunia hybrida plants transformed with boers, a mutated ethylene receptor ERS gene from Brassica oleraceaShaw, J. F.; H. H. Chen; C. I. Kuo; L. C. Huang-
-(Symposium on Plant Sciences for 21st Century. A4., p17)Agrobacterium tumefaciens mediated transformation of ethylene-response- sensor (ERS) mutane gene in broccoli (Brassica oleracea var. Italica)L. F. O. Chen; C. Y. Huang; C. S. Tu; H. H. Chen; J. F. Shaw-
-(Symposium on Plant Sciences for 21st Century. C11., p57)Characterization and differential regulation of a chlorophyllase gene family in broccoli during senescenceY. F. Chou; H. H. Chen; J. F. Shaw-