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-(Process Biochemistry,44(3):309-315)Engineering of the critical residues at the stereochemistry-gate loops of Brevibacillus agri dihydropyrimidinase for the production of L-HomophenylalanineC. K. Lo; C. H. Kao; W. C. Wang; H. M. Wu; W. H. Hsu; L. L. Lin; H. Y. Hu-
-(Virology,378(2):226-232)Genome sequence of the lytic bacteriophage P1201 from Corynebacterium glutamicum NCHU 87078: evolutionary relationships to phages from CorynebacterineaeC. L. Chen; T. Y. Pan; S. C. Kan; Y. C. Kuan; L. Y. Hong; K. R. Chiu; C. S. Sheu; J. S. Yang; W. H. Hsu; H. Y. Hu-