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-The Investigation of Mango Tree Root System Distribution under Treatments of Cover Crops and Mulching Method張賢明; H.M. Chang; 于慧珍; 鄭慶生; H.J. Yu; C.S. Cheng-
-Observation on Comparison of Run-off from Bench Terraces and Hillside DitchesR.S. Lin; 廖綿濬; H.M. Chang; M.C. Liao; 林榮三; 張賢明-
-Observations on Soil and Water Conservation Methods on Slopeland Taiwan-Giant-Bamboo PlantationH.T. Wang; 王孝才; H.M. Chang; 張賢明-
-覆蓋作物吸水型態及根系分佈調查張賢明; H.M. Chang-