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-The application of hollow fiber cartridges in the purification of antitumor antibiotic, neocarzinostatin from Streptomuces carzinostaticusLi, H.H.; 金德航; Hariharan, P.; Chin, D.H.-
-Is association of labile enediyne chromophore a mutually assured protection for carrier protein?Kandaswamy, J.; 金德航; Hariharan, P.; Kumar, T.K.S.; Yu, C.; Lu, T.J.; Chin, D.H.; 陸大榮-
-Lipid Bilayer-Assisted Release of an Enediyne Antibiotic from Neocarzinostatin ChromoproteinHariharan, P.; 周三和; Sudhahar, C.G.; Chou, S.H.; Chin, D.H.; 金德航-
-A new model for ligand release - Role of side chain in gating the enediyne antibioticHariharan, P.; 周三和; Liang, W.C.; Chou, S.H.; Chin, D.H.; 金德航-