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-Bismuth titanate nanoparticle dispersed polyacrylate smart materialSu, W.F.; Lee, J.F.; Ho, R.M.-
-Block copolymer based pressure sensitive adhesives modified with PPO for increased service temperaturesHo, R.M.; Giles, D.W.; Macosko, C.W.; Bates, F.S.-
-Block copolymer self-assembly induced compatibilization of PCL/PS-PEP blendsHo, R.M.; 林助傑; Chiang, Y.W.; Lin, C.C.; Bai, S.J.-
-Competition between microphase separation and crystallization in self-assembly sPS/PS-PEP blendsHo, R.M.; 吳震裕; Chang, C.C.; Chung, Y.W.; Chiang, Y.W.; Wu, J.Y.-
-Crystal structure and banded spherulite of poly(trimethylene terephthalate)Ho, R.M.; Ke, K.Z.; Chen, M.-
-Crystallization and melting behavior of poly(epsilon-caprolactone) under physical confinementHo, R.M.; 林助傑; Chiang, Y.W.; Lin, C.C.; Huang, B.H.-
-Crystallization kinetics for low-ether-content polyether-polyester block copolymers with amide linkagesHo, R.M.; Hseih, P.Y.; Yang, C.C.; Lin, J.J.-
-Crystallization-induced orientation for microstructures of poly(L-lactide)-b-poly(epsilon-caprolactone) diblock copolymersHo, R.M.; 林助傑; Hsieh, P.Y.; Tseng, W.H.; Lin, C.C.; Huang, B.H.; Lotz, B.-
-Crystallization-induced undulated morphology in polystyrene-b-poly(L-lactide) block copolymerHo, R.M.; 林助傑; Lin, F.H.; Tsai, C.C.; Lin, C.C.; Ko, B.T.; Hsiao, B.S.; Sics, I.-
-Induced circular dichroism of stereoregular vinyl polymersChen, L.C.; Mao, Y.C.; Lin, S.C.; Li, M.C.; Ho, R.M.; Tsai, J.C.-
-Melting temperature depression for low ether content polyether-polyester block copolymers with amide linkagesHo, R.M.; Chiu, C.W.-
-Mesoporous carbons from poly(acrylonitrile)-b-poly(epsilon-caprolactone) block copolymersHo, R.M.; 林助傑; Wang, T.C.; Lin, C.C.; Yu, T.L.-
-Metastability studies of syndiotactic polystyrene polymorphismHo, R.M.; Lin, C.P.; Tsai, H.Y.; Woo, E.M.-
-Nanopatterning from biodegradable block copolymersHo, R.M.; Fan, H.W.; Chiang, Y.W.; Lin, F.H.; Lin, C.C.; Ko, B.T.-
-Oriented microstructures of polystyrene-b-poly(L-lactide) thin films induced by crystallizable solventsTseng, W.H.; 林助傑; Hsieh, P.Y.; Ho, R.M.; Huang, B.H.; Lin, C.C.; Lotz, B.-
-PMSE 138-Self-assembly of weakly segregated rod-coil block copolymersHo, R.M.; Chiang, Y.W.; Lin, C.C.; Ko, B.T.-
-PMSE 21-Synthesis and characterization of novel hole transporting materials for photovoltaic devicesTseng, W.H.; Hsieh, P.Y.; Ho, R.M.; Huang, B.H.; Lin, C.C.; Lotz, B.-
-PMSE 445-Water-disintegrative green plastics: Biodegradable polymers of accelerated hydrolysis rateChiang, Y.W.; Ho, R.M.; Lin, C.C.; Huang, B.H.-
-Poly(trimethylene teraphthalate) crystal structure and morphology in different length scalesWang, B.J.; Li, C.Y.; Hanzlicek, J.; Cheng, S.Z.D.; Geil, P.H.; Grebowicz, J.; Ho, R.M.-
-Preparation and characterization of poly(epsilon-caprolactone)-b-polyacrylonitrile (PCL-b-PAN) and poly(L-lactide)-b-polyacrylonitrile (PLLA-b-PAN) copolymers by aluminum and lithium alkoxides containing double-headed initiatorsYu, T.L.; 林助傑; Huang, B.H.; Hung, W.C.; Lin, C.C.; Wang, T.C.; Ho, R.M.-