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-Characteristics of chromium-doped titanium oxide coatings synthesized by cathodic arc depositionHo, W.Y.; Chan, M.H.; Yao, K.S.; Chang, C.L.; Wang, D.Y.; Hsu, C.H.-
-Characterization of Cr-doped TiO2 thin films prepared by cathodic arc plasma depositionChan, M.H.; 呂福興; Ho, W.Y.; Wang, D.Y.; Lu, F.H.-
-Characterization of hydrogen-free diamond-like carbon films deposited by pulsed plasma technologyWang, D.Y.; Chang, C.L.; Ho, W.Y.-
-Deposition of high quality (Ti,Al)N hard coatings by vacuum are evaporation processWang, D.Y.; Li, Y.W.; Chang, C.L.; Ho, W.Y.-
-Effects of titanium-implanted pre-treatments on the residual stress of TiN coatings on high-speed steel substratesChang, C.L.; Jao, J.Y.; Ho, W.Y.; Wang, D.Y.-
-Improvement of the interfacial integrity of (Ti,Al)N hard coatings deposited on high speed steel cutting toolsWang, D.Y.; Chang, C.L.; Wong, K.W.; Li, Y.W.; Ho, W.Y.-
-Microstructural and tribological characterization of MoS2-Ti composite solid lubricating filmsWang, D.Y.; Chang, C.L.; Chen, Z.Y.; Ho, W.Y.-
-Microstructure analysis of MoS2 deposited on diamond-like carbon films for wear improvementWang, D.Y.; Chang, C.L.; Ho, W.Y.-
-Oxidation behavior of diamond-like carbon filmsWang, D.Y.; Chang, C.L.; Ho, W.Y.-
-Photocatalytic bactericidal effect of TiO2 thin film on plant pathogensYao, K.S.; Wang, D.Y.; Ho, W.Y.; Yan, J.J.; Tzeng, K.C.-
-Study on chromium oxide synthesized by unbalanced magnetron sputteringWang, D.Y.; Lin, J.H.; Ho, W.Y.-
-Synthesis of Cr3C2 coatings for tribological applicationsWang, D.Y.; Weng, K.W.; Chang, C.L.; Ho, W.Y.-
-Thermal stability of Cr-doped diamond-like carbon films synthesized by cathodic arc evaporationChiu, M.C.; 薛富盛; Hsieh, W.P.; Ho, W.Y.; Wang, D.Y.; Shieu, F.S.-