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-A magnetic fluid based on covalent-bonded nanoparticle organic hybrid materials (NOHMs) and its decolorization application in waterKun-Yi Andrew Lin; Hongta Yang; Wei-Der Lee; Kuan-Yi Tsao-
-Enhanced removal of diclofenac from water using a zeolitic imidazole framework functionalized with cetyltrimethylammonium bromide (CTAB)Kun-Yi Andrew Lin; Hongta Yang; Wei-Der Lee
-Generalized Fabrication of Monolayer Nonclose-Packed ColloidalCrystals with Tunable Lattice Spacing-
-Improved power conversion efficiency for dye-sensitized solar cells using a subwavelength-structured antireflective coatingChun-Chi Chou; Kuan-Yi Tsao; Chih-Chung Wu; Hongta Yang; Chih-Ming Chen
-Macroporous photonic crystal-based anti-ultraviolet and anti-near-infrared materials by doctor blade coatingChang-Yun Cai; Kun-Yi Andrew Lin; Ying-Chu Chen; Hongta Yang; 楊宏達-
-Photovoltaic performance of a N719 dye based dye-sensitized solar cell with transparent macroporous anti-ultraviolet photonic crystal coatingsChang-Yun Cai; Sheng-Kai Tseng; Meng Kuo; Kun-Yi Andrew Lin; Hongta Yang; Rong-Ho Lee
-Self-assembled biomimetic superhydrophobic hierarchical arrays-
-Self-assembled dual-sided hemispherical nano-dimple-structured broadband antireflection coatingsCheng-Yen Lin; Kun-Yi Lin; Hui-Ping Tsai; Yi-Xuan He; Hongta Yang; 楊宏達
-仿章魚奈米吸盤陣列於附著之應用陳瀅竹; Ying-Chu Chen
-仿蜻蜓翅膀超疏水全方向性抗反射結構塗佈簡禎佑; Chen-Yo Chien
-全方向性抗反射塗佈於高分子基材楊廷蔚; Ting-Wei Yang
-刮刀塗佈光子晶體於智能調光玻璃之應用洪詩惠; Shi-Hui Hong
-刮刀塗佈自組裝多孔性光子晶體於蒸氣檢測之應用Ya-Lin Ko; 柯雅齡
-自組裝多孔性光子晶體於液體檢測之應用邱建富; Chien-Fu Chiu
-規模製備仿生附著材料吳岳勳; Yueh-Hsun Wu