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-2,4,5-TMBA, a Natural Inhibitor of Cyclooxygenase-2, Suppresses Adipogenesis and Promotes Lipolysis in 3T3-L1 AdipocytesWu, Man-Ru; Hou, Ming-Hon; Lin, Ya-Lin; Kuo, Chia-Feng-
-A survey of recent unusual high-resolution DNA structures provoked by mismatches, repeats and ligand bindingSatange, Roshan; Chang, Chung-Ke; 侯明宏; Hou, Ming-Hon
-The binding of the Co(II) complex of dimeric chromomycin A3 to GC sites with flanking G:G mismatchesChen, Yu-Wen; Hou, Ming-Hon-
-CoII(Chromomycin)₂ Complex Induces a Conformational Change of CCG Repeats from i-Motif to Base-Extruded DNA DuplexChen, Yu-Wen; Satange, Roshan; Wu, Pei-Ching; Jhan, Cyong-Ru; Chang, Chung-Ke; Chung, Kuang-Ren; Waring, Michael J; Lin, Sheng-Wei; 謝立青; Hsieh, Li-Ching; Hou, Ming-Hon-
-Conformational Changes in DNA upon Ligand Binding Monitored by Circular DichroismChang, Yu-Ming; Cammy, K.-M.Chen; Hou, Ming-Hon-
-Cooperative recognition of T:T mismatch by echinomycin causes structural distortions in DNA duplexWu, Pei-Ching; Tzeng, Shu-Ling; Chang, Chung-Ke; Kao, Ya-Fen; Waring, Michael J; 侯明宏; Hou, Ming-Hon
-The Crucial Role of Divalent Metal Ions in the DNAActing Efficacy and Inhibition of the Transcription of Dimeric Chromomycin A3Hsu, Chun-Wei; Chuang, Show-Mei; Wu, Wen-Ling; Hou, Ming-Hon-
-Development of an Anti-Influenza Drug Screening Assay Targeting Nucleoproteins with Tryptophan Fluorescence QuenchingHung, Hui-Chen; Liu, Chia-Lin; John, T.-A.Hsu; Horng, Jim-Tong; Fang, Ming-Yu; Wu, Su-Ying; Ueng, Shau-Hua; Wang, Min-Ying; Yaw, Cheng-Wen; Hou, Ming-Hon-
-The effects of loop size on Sac7d-hairpin DNA interactionsJeu-Ming, P.Yuann; Tseng, Wen-Hsuan; Lin, Hsin-Ying; Hou, Ming-Hon-
-Elucidation of the DNA-interacting properties and anticancer activity of a Ni(II)-coordinated mithramycin dimer complexHsu, Chun-Wei; Kuo, Chia-Feng; Chuang, Show-Mei; Hou, Ming-Hon-
-Evolution of infectious bronchitis virus in Taiwan: Positively selected sites in the nucleocapsid protein and their effects on RNA-binding activityKuo, Shu-Ming; Kao, Hsiao-Wei; Hou, Ming-Hon; Wang, Ching-Ho; Lin, Siou-Hong; Su, Hong-Lin-
-Functional Studies of ssDNA Binding Ability of MarR Family Protein TcaR from Staphylococcus epidermidisChang, Yu-Ming; Cammy, K.-M.Chen; Chang, Yuan-Chih; Jeng, Wen-Yih; Hou, Ming-Hon; Andrew, H.-J.Wang-
-Immunoreactivity characterisation of the three structural regions of the human coronavirus OC43 nucleocapsid protein by Western blot: Implications for the diagnosis of coronavirus infectionLiang, Fang-Ying; Lin, Leng-Chieh; Yinge, Tsung-Ho; Yao, Chen-Wen; Tang, Tswen-Kei; Chen, Yi-Wen; Hou, Ming-Hon-
-Oligomerization of the carboxyl terminal domain of the human coronavirus 229E nucleocapsid proteinLoa, Yu-Sheng; Lina, Shing-Yen; Wang, Shiu-Mei; Wang, Chin-Tien; Chiu, Ya-Li; Huang, Tai-Huang; Hou, Ming-Hon-
-Spermine Attenuates the Action of the DNA Intercalator, Actinomycin D, on DNA Binding and the Inhibition of Transcription and DNA ReplicationWang, Sheng-Yu; Lee, Yueh-Luen; Lai, Yi-Hua; Jeremy, J.W.Chen; Wu, Wen-Lin; Jeu-Ming, P.Yuann; Su, Wang-Lin; Chuang, Show-Mei; Hou, Ming-Hon-
-Structural Basis for the Identification of an i-Motif Tetraplex Core with a Parallel-Duplex Junction as a Structural Motif in CCG Triplet RepeatsChen, Yi-Wen; Jhan, Cyong-Ru; Neidle, Stephen; Hou, Ming-Hon-
-Structural basis for the identification of the N-terminal domain of coronavirus nucleocapsid protein as an antiviral targetLin, Shing-Yen; Liu, Chia-Ling; Chang, Yu-Ming; Zhao, Jincun; Perlman, Stanley; Hou, Ming-Hon