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-Analysis of MITF expression and its downstream genes in lung cancerSung-Liang Yu; Jeremy J.W. Chen; Su-Chin Chiu; Hsang-Yu Chen; Pan-Chyr Yang
-Gene Regulation of Anti-Tumor Effect by Thalidomide in Lung Cancer Cell/Macrophage Co-culturesYi-Chen Lin; Pei-Li Yao; Meng-Feng Tsai; Ang Yuan; Hsang-Yu Chen; Chen-Yuan Yu; Jeremy JW Chen; Pan-Chyr Yang
-(GIS International Convention Center:125-126)Genome-wide profiles of lung cancer metastasis-related genes(Symposium of the National Research Program for Genomic Medicine (III))Jeremy J.W. Chen; Pan-Chyr Yang; Meng-Feng Tsai; Chi-Chung Wang; Pei-Li Yao; Yi-Chen Lin; Hsang-Yu Chen; Chun-Houh Chen-
-Overexpression of HLJ1 in lung adenocarcinoma cells lead to suppression of tumor growth and cell invasive competenceMeng-Feng Tsai; Chi-Chung Wang; Chiung-Yao Juan; Hsang-Yu Chen; Chun-Yi Wu; Pan-Chyr Yang; Jeremy J. W. Chen
-Tumor-associated macrophages: the double edge sword in cancer progressionYi-Chen Lin; Pei-Li Yao; Meng-Feng Tsai; Ang Yuan; Hsang-Yu Chen; Jeremy JW Chen; Pan-Chyr Yang-