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-Histone Deacetylase 10 Relieves Repression on the Melanogenic Program by Maintaining the Deacetylation Status of RepressorsLai, I.L.; 楊文明; Lin, T.P.; Yao, Y.L.; Lin, C.Y.; Hsieh, M.J.; Yang, W.M.-
-Regression model for evaluating liquefaction potential by discriminant analysis of the SPT N valueLai, S.Y.; 林炳森; Lin, P.S.; Hsieh, M.J.; Jim, H.F.-
-Transcriptional repression activity of PAX3 is modulated by competition between corepressor KAP1 and heterochromatin protein 1Hsieh, M.J.; 楊文明; Yao, Y.L.; Lai, I.L.; Yang, W.M.-