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-Adsorption of divalent manganese ion on manganese-coated sandHu, P.Y.; 謝永旭; Hsieh, Y.H.; Chen, J.C.; Chang, C.Y.-
-Analysis of an annular PZT actuator for a droplet ejector王東安; Wang, D.A.; Cheng, C.H.; Hsieh, Y.H.; Zhang, Z.X.-
-Antrocamphin A, an Anti-inflammatory Principal from the Fruiting Body of Taiwanofungus camphoratus, and Its MechanismsHsieh, Y.H.; 蕭介夫; Chu, F.H.; Wang, Y.S.; Chien, S.C.; Chang, S.T.; Shaw, J.F.; Chen, C.Y.; Hsiao, W.W.; Kuo, Y.H.; Wang, S.Y.; 王升陽-
-Ascertaining HIV underreporting in low prevalence countries using the approximate ratio of underreportingHsieh, Y.H.; Wang, H.C.; De Arazoza, H.; Lounes, R.; Twu, S.J.; Hsu, H.M.-
-Assessment of intervention measures for the 2003 SARS epidemic in Taiwan by use of a back-projection methodYip, P.S.F.; Hsieh, Y.H.; Xu, Y.; Lam, K.F.; King, C.C.; Chang, H.L.-
-Basic reproduction number for HIV model incorporating commercial sex and behavior changeHsieh, Y.H.; Wang, Y.S.-
-Behaviour change and treatment of core groups: its effect on the spread of HIV/AIDSHsieh, Y.H.; Cooke, K.-
-Bias may be unintentional but it's still thereChen, C.W.S.; Hsieh, Y.H.-
-Changing faces of commercial sex in Thailand: Implications for the HIV/AIDS epidemicHsieh, Y.H.-
-Characteristics of manganese-coated sand using SEM and EDAX analysisHu, P.Y.; 謝永旭; Hsieh, Y.H.; Chen, J.C.; Chang, C.Y.-
-Despite some flaws, online submission is the futureHsieh, Y.H.-
-Dynamical switching of an electromagnetically driven compliant bistable mechanismWang, D.A.; 王東安; Pham, H.T.; Hsieh, Y.H.-
-Effect of pH on Fenton process using estimation of hydroxyl radical with salicylic acid as trapping reagentChang, C.Y.; Hsieh, Y.H.; Cheng, K.Y.; Hsieh, L.L.; Cheng, T.C.; Yao, K.S.-
-The effect of the molecular mass of the organic matter in raw water on the formation of disinfection by-productsChang, C.Y.; 謝永旭; Hsieh, Y.H.; Lin, Y.M.; Hu, P.Y.; Liu, C.C.; Wang, K.H.-
-Electrocatalytic characterization and dye degradation of Nano-TiO2 electrode films fabricated by CVDChang, J.H.; Ellis, A.V.; Hsieh, Y.H.; Tung, C.H.; Shen, S.Y.-
-Empirical Bayes approach to estimating the number of HIV-infected individuals in hidden and elusive populationsHsieh, Y.H.; Chen, C.W.S.; Lee, S.M.-
-Establishment of activity indicator of TiO2 photocatalytic reaction-Hydroxyl radical trapping methodChang, C.Y.; Hsieh, Y.H.; Hsieh, L.L.; Yao, K.S.; Cheng, T.C.-
-Estimating the number of Cubans infected sexually by human immunodeficiency virus using contact tracing dataHsieh, Y.H.; de Arazoza, H.; Lee, S.M.; Chen, C.W.-
-Estimating the number of HIV-infected gay sauna patrons in Taipei areaHsieh, Y.H.; Chen, C.W.S.; Lee, S.M.; Chen, Y.M.A.; Wu, S.I.; Lai, S.F.; Chang, A.L.-