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-Contents of lovastatin, gamma-aminobutyric acid and ergothioneine in mushroom fruiting bodies and myceliaChen, S.Y.; Ho, K.J.; Hsieh, Y.J.; Wang, L.T.; Mau, J.L.-
-Design and storage cycle time analysis for the automated storage system with a conveyor and a rotary rackHsieh, Y.J.; 張樹之; Chang, S.E.; Chang, S.C.-
-Expected waiting times at loading stations in discrete-space closed-loop conveyorsBozer, Y.A.; Hsieh, Y.J.-
-FLAVOR COMPONENTS IN BUCKWHEAT BREADLin, L.Y.; 毛正倫; Hsieh, Y.J.; Liu, H.M.; Lee, C.C.; Mau, J.L.-
-A framework for the selection of Six Sigma projects in services: case studies of banking and health care services in TaiwanHsieh, Y.J.; Huang, L.Y.; Wang, C.T.-
-Location-based services for tourism industry: An empirical study張樹之; Chang, S.E.; Hsieh, Y.J.; Chen, C.W.; Liao, C.K.; Wang, S.T.-
-Throughput performance analysis and machine layout for discrete-space closed-loop conveyorsBozer, Y.A.; Hsieh, Y.J.-