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-Age-series characteristics of locomotor activities in spontaneously hypertensive rats: A comparison with the Wistar-Kyoto strainHsieh, Y.L.; Yang, C.C.-
-Light-output enhancement in a nitride-based light-emitting diode with 22 degrees undercut sidewallsKao, C.C.; Kuo, H.C.; Huang, H.W.; Chu, J.T.; Peng, Y.C.; Hsieh, Y.L.; Luo, C.Y.; Wang, S.C.; Yu, C.C.; Lin, C.F.-
-Prostaglandin-D synthetase induces transcription of the LH beta subunit in the primary culture of chicken anterior pituitary cells via the PPAR signaling pathwayChen, L.R.; Lee, S.C.; Lin, Y.P.; Hsieh, Y.L.; Chen, Y.L.; Yang, J.R.; Liou, J.F.; Chen, C.F.; Lee, Y.P.; Shiue, Y.L.-
-Spinal Cord Mechanism Involving the Remote Effects of Dry Needling on the Irritability of Myofascial Trigger Spots in Rabbit Skeletal MuscleHsieh, Y.L.; Chou, L.W.; Joe, Y.S.; Hong, C.Z.-