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-Determinants of Nucleotide-Binding Selectivity of Malic EnzymeHsieh, Ju-Yi; Chen, Meng-Chun; Hung, Hui-Chih
-Fumarate Analogs Act as Allosteric Inhibitors of the Human Mitochondrial NAD(P)+-Dependent Malic EnzymeHsieh, Ju-Yi; Liu, Jyung-Hurng; Yang, Pai-Chun; Lin, Chi-Li; Liu, Guang-Yaw; Hung, Hui-Chih
-Minimal Antizyme Peptide Fully Functioning in the Binding and Inhibition of Ornithine Decarboxylase and Antizyme InhibitorHsieh, Ju-Yi; Yang, Jung-Yen; Lin, Chih-Li; Liu, Guang-Yaw; Hung, Hui-Chih
-Structural characteristics of the nonallosteric human cytosolic malic enzymeHsieh, Ju-Yi; Li, Shao-Yu; Chen, Meng-Chun; Yang, Pai-Chun; Chen, Hui-Yi; Chan, Nei-Li; Liu, Jyung-Hurng; Hung, Hui-Chih-
-人類蘋果酸酶及抗酶結構與功能關係之探討謝如怡; Hsieh, Ju-Yi-