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-FePt-(B-Ag)顆粒薄膜之磁性與微結構研究黃健強; Huang, Jian-Chiang
-Kinetic study on low temperature coalescence of carboxylate-protected Ag nanoparticles for interconnect applicationsJenn-Ming Song; Tsung-Yun Pai; Kun-Hung Hsieh; Ming-Yan Lai; Chi-Nan Cheng; Sin-Yong Liang; Hsin-Yi Lee; Lung-Tai Chen; 宋振銘
-Thermal stability of Cu@Ag core–shell nanoparticles-
-鐵白金薄膜其應力誘導異常晶粒成長與(001)優選方位關係之研究Chen, Li Heng; 陳利恆