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-Compact Layout of On-Chip TransformerHsu, H.M.; 許恒銘; Lai, S.H.; Hsu, C.J.-
-Development and characterization of monoclonal antibodies against avian reovirus sigma C protein and their application in detection of avian reovirus isolatesHsu, C.J.; 劉宏仁; Wang, C.Y.; Lee, L.H.; Shih, W.L.; Chang, C.I.; Cheng, H.L.; Chulu, J.L.C.; Ji, W.T.; Liu, H.J.-
-Effect of GePt buffer layer on magnetic properties and microstructure of FePt filmsTsai, J.L.; Hsu, C.J.; Pai, Y.H.; Shieu, F.S.; Hsu, C.W.; Chen, S.K.; Chang, W.C.-
-The effect of GePt underlayer on L1(0) ordering FePt thin filmsHsu, C.J.; Tsai, J.L.; Hsu, C.W.; Chen, S.K.; Chang, W.C.-
-Excited State Luminescence of Multi-(5-phenyl-1,3,4-oxadiazo-2-yl)benzenes in an Electron-Donating Matrix: Exciplex or Electroplex?Yang, C.C.; 蘇玉龍; Hsu, C.J.; Chou, P.T.; Cheng, H.C.; Su, Y.O.; Leung, M.K.-
-L1(0) CrPt underlayer thickness effects on FePt film orderingTsai, J.L.; Lin, Y.C.; Hsu, C.J.-
-Magnetic properties and microstructure of FePt/GePt bilayerTsai, J.L.; Hsu, C.J.-
-Magnetic properties and microstructure of x/FePt (x = Ge, GePt) bilayerTsai, J.L.; Hsu, C.J.; Hsu, C.W.; Chen, S.K.; Chang, W.C.-
-Magnetic properties and viscosity effect of L1(0) FePt film with GePt underlayerTsai, J.L.; Hsu, C.J.-
-Magnetic viscosity and microstructure of GePt/FePt filmsTsai, J.L.; Hsu, C.J.-
-Resistance of fibrous reinforced silver matrix composites to repeated make-break arc erosionHsu, C.J.; 張守一; Chang, S.Y.; Chou, L.Y.; Lin, S.J.-
-Thickness effect on magnetic properties of (FePt/Ge2Pt3) bilayerHsu, C.J.; Tsai, J.L.; Liao, W.M.; Chen, S.K.; Huang, K.T.; Yao, Y.D.-