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-Activation of p38 MAPK by damnacanthal mediates apoptosis in SKHep 1 cells through the DR5/TRAIL and TNFR1/TNF-alpha and p53 pathwaysLin, F.L.; 劉宏仁; Hsu, J.L.; Chou, C.H.; Wu, W.J.; Chang, C.I.; Liu, H.J.-
-Avian reovirus S1133-induced DNA damage signaling and subsequent apoptosis in cultured cells and in chickensLin, P.Y.; 劉宏仁; Liu, H.J.; Chang, C.D.; Chang, C.I.; Hsu, J.L.; Liao, M.H.; Lee, J.W.; Shih, W.L.-
-Complaints and perceptions of failure recovery in buffet restaurants A link to family communication for adolescent customersHsu, J.L.; Chiu, V.W.T.-
-Consumer knowledge and risk perceptions of avian influenzaHsu, J.L.; 魯 真; Liu, K.E.; Huang, M.H.; Lee, H.J.-
-Consumers' willingness to pay for non-pirated softwareHsu, J.L.; 魯 真; Shiue, C.W.-
-The Crosstalk of mTOR/S6K1 and Hedgehog PathwaysWang, Y.; Ding, Q.Q.; Yen, C.J.; Xia, W.Y.; Izzo, J.G.; Lang, J.Y.; Li, C.W.; Hsu, J.L.; Miller, S.A.; Wang, X.M.; Lee, D.F.; Hsu, J.M.; Huo, L.F.; LaBaff, A.M.; Liu, D.P.; Huang, T.H.; Lai, C.C.; Tsai, F.J.; Chang, W.C.; Chen, C.H.; Wu, T.T.; Buttar, N.S-
-Packed coffee drink consumption and product attribute preferences of young adults in TaiwanHsu, J.L.; 魯 真; Hung, W.C.-
-Social concerns and willingness to support charitiesHsu, J.L.; 魯 真; Liang, G.Y.; Tien, C.P.-
-Sustainability of Fresh Fruit Certifications: Willingness to Pay MeasuresHsu, J.L.; 魯 真; Chen, H.Y.; Chen, C.M.L.; Chang, W.H.-
-Usage of unauthorized software in TaiwanHsu, J.L.; 魯 真; Su, Y.L.-
-Who is watching TV? Who is listening to radio? Consumer perceptions of TV and radio advertising informationHsu, J.L.; 魯 真; Yang, S.A.; Su, L.C.-