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-Adsorption of toluene on activated carbon in a packed bedSan, J.Y.; Hsu, Y.C.; Wu, L.J.-
-The Anti-Cancer Effects of (-)-Epigalocathine-3-Gallate on the Signaling Pathways Associated With Membrane Receptors in MCF-7 CellsHsu, Y.C.; Liou, Y.M.-
-Antifibrotic effects of tetrandrine on hepatic stellate cells and rats with liver fibrosisHsu, Y.C.; Chiu, Y.T.; Cheng, C.C.; Wu, C.F.; Lin, Y.L.; Huang, Y.T.-
-Application of simulation technique on debris flow hazard zone delineation: a case study in the Daniao tribe, Eastern TaiwanTsai, M.P.; Hsu, Y.C.; Li, H.C.; Shu, H.M.; Liu, K.F.-
-Clustered Genomic Alterations in Chromosome 7p Dictate Outcomes and Targeted Treatment Responses of Lung Adenocarcinoma With EGFR-Activating MutationsYuan, S.S.; Yu, S.L.; Chen, H.Y.; Hsu, Y.C.; Su, K.Y.; Chen, H.W.; Chen, C.Y.; Yu, C.J.; Shih, J.Y.; Chang, Y.L.; Cheng, C.L.; Hsu, C.P.; Hsia, J.Y.; Lin, C.Y.; Wu, G.N.; Liu, C.H.; Wang, C.D.; Yang, K.C.; Chen, Y.W.; Lai, Y.L.; Hsu, C.C.; Lin, T.C.; Yang-
-The conditioned enhancement of neutrophil activity is catecholamine dependentChao, H.J.; 葛其梅; Hsu, Y.C.; Yuan, H.P.; Jiang, H.S.; Hsueh, C.M.-
-Copolymer-layered silicate hybrid surfactants from the intercalation of montmorillonite with amphiphilic copolymersLin, J.J.; Hsu, Y.C.; Chou, C.C.-
-Easy preparation of crosslinked polymer films from polyoxyalkylene diamine and poly(styrene-maleic anhydride) for electrostatic dissipationWei, K.L.; 吳震裕; Wu, J.Y.; Chen, Y.M.; Hsu, Y.C.; Lin, J.J.-
-Effects of annealing conditions on the properties of TiO2/ITO-based photoanode and the photovoltaic performance of dye-sensitized solar cellsChen, C.M.; Hsu, Y.C.; Cherng, S.J.-
-EGFR-ACTIVATING MUTATIONS, DNA COPY NUMBER ABUNDANCE OF ERBB FAMILY, AND PROGNOSIS IN LUNG ADENOCARCINOMAChen, H.Y.; Chang, G.C.; Yuan, S.S.; Yuan, A.; Chen, H.W.; Chen, C.Y.; Hsu, C.P.; Hsu, Y.C.; Hsia, J.Y.; Chen, J.J.W.; Yu, S.L.; Li, K.C.; Yang, P.C.-
-Endogenous structural breaks, public investment in agriculture and agricultural land productivity in TaiwanLee, C.C.; Hsu, Y.C.-
-A Four-Gene Signature from NCI-60 Cell Line for Survival Prediction in Non-Small Cell Lung CancerHsu, Y.C.; Yuan, S.; Chen, H.Y.; Yu, S.L.; Liu, C.H.; Hsu, P.Y.; Wu, G.; Lin, C.H.; Chang, G.C.; Li, K.C.; Yang, P.C.-
-Hierarchical synthesis of silver nanoparticles and wires by copolymer templates and visible lightHsu, Y.C.; Chen, Y.M.; Lin, W.L.; Lan, Y.F.; Chan, Y.N.; Lin, J.J.-
-Neural stem cells, neural progenitors, and neurotrophic factorsHsu, Y.C.; Lee, D.C.; Chiu, I.M.-
-Regulation of FGF1 Gene Promoter through Transcription Factor RFX1Hsu, Y.C.; Liao, W.C.; Kao, C.Y.; Chiu, I.M.-
-Revisited: Are shocks to energy consumption permanent or temporary? New evidence from a panel SURADF approachHsu, Y.C.; Lee, C.C.-
-The role of catecholamines in the conditioned enhancement of neutrophil activityChao, H.J.; 葛其梅; Hsu, Y.C.; Hsueh, C.M.-
-Services for culturally diverse customers in parks and recreationLi, C.L.; Absher, J.D.; Graefe, A.R.; Hsu, Y.C.-
-Synthesis of Bi(2)Sr(2)CaCu(2)O(y) nanowire and its superconductivityLai, S.H.; Hsu, Y.C.; Lan, M.D.-