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-Cosensitization of Structurally Simple Porphyrin and Anthracene-Based Dye for Dye-Sensitized Solar CellsReddy, Kamani Sudhir K; Chen, Yen-Chiao; Wu, Chih-Chung; Hsu, Chia-Wei; Chang, Ya-Ching; Chen, Chih-Ming; Yeh, Chen-Yu; 葉鎮宇
-Saliva proteome profiling reveals potential salivary biomarkers for detection of oral cavity squamous cell carcinomaWu, Chih-Ching; Chu, Hao-Wei; Hsu, Chia-Wei; Chang, Kai-Ping; Liu, Hao-Ping-
-幾丁聚醣對藥物經皮吸收程序中的促滲作用許嘉偉; Hsu, Chia-Wei-