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-Effects of Asymmetric Local Joule Heating on Silicon Nanowire-Based Devices Formed by Dielectrophoresis Alignment Across Pt ElectrodesHo, Hsiang-Hsi; Lin, Chun-Lung; Tsai, Wei-Che; Hong, Liang-Zheng; Lyu, Cheng-Han; Hsu, Hsun-Feng; 許薰丰
-Fabrication and Gas-Sensing Properties of Ni-Silicide/Si NanowiresHsu, Hsun-Feng; Chen, Chun-An; Liu, Shang-Wu; Tang, Chun-Kai
-Structural and Thermodynamic Factors of Suppressed Interdiffusion Kinetics in Multi-component High-entropy MaterialsChang, Shou-Yi; Li, Chen-En; Huang, Yi-Chung; Hsu, Hsun-Feng; Yeh, Jien-Wei; Lin, Su-Jien