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-Development of nanotwins in electroplated copper and its effect on shear strength of tin/copper jointHsuan Lee; Yi-An Wang; Chih-Ming Chen; 陳志銘
-Impurity Incorporation in the Cu Electrodeposit and Its Effects on the Microstructural Evolution of the Sn/Cu Solder JointsHsuan Lee; Tai-Yi Yu; Hsi-Kuei Cheng; Kuo-Chio Liu; Po-Fan Chan; Wei-Ping Dow; 陳志銘; Chih-Ming Chen
-A Study on the Structural Parameters of Joint Interface李萱; Hsuan Lee
-Suppression effect of Ni grain size on the Ni3Sn4 growth at the Sn/Ni interfaceYu-Chen Tseng; Hsuan Lee; Shan-Chen Tsai; Yee-Wen Yen; 陳志銘; Chih-Ming Chen
-微量電鍍配方調整達到鍍層雜質與錫銅接點孔洞抑制之技術李軒; Hsuan Lee