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-Numerical investigation on hot metal flow in blast furnace hearth through CFDHuang, C.E.; 鄭文桐; Du, S.W.; Cheng, W.T.-
-Numerical prediction on the erosion in the hearth of a blast furnace during tapping processChang, C.M.; 鄭文桐; Cheng, W.T.; Huang, C.E.; Du, S.W.-
-A scaffold-bioreactor system for a tissue-engineered tracheaLin, C.H.; 徐善慧; Hsu, S.H.; Huang, C.E.; Cheng, W.T.; Su, J.M.; 鄭文桐-
-Thermal flow of fluid with magnetic particles in the presence of magnetic fieldChang, C.M.; 鄭文桐; Cheng, W.T.; Liu, W.J.; Cheng, H.W.; Huang, C.E.; Du, S.W.-