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-Application of Nano-carbon black immuno-Chromatographic test (NCBICT) on Human Serum AlbuminChen, C.I.; Hwang, C.C.; Huang, C.T.; Tseng, H.C.; Chen, H.B.; Liu, Y.C.-
-Dispersion and rheology of surfactant-mediated silver nanoparticle suspensionsChen, C.N.; 曾文甲; Huang, C.T.; Tseng, W.J.; Wei, M.H.-
-Identification of gasoline soot in suspect arson cases by using headspace solid phase microextraction-GC/MSWu, C.H.; 李茂榮; Chen, C.L.; Huang, C.T.; Lee, M.R.; Huang, C.M.-
-Serum and endometrial markersYang, W.C.V.; Chen, H.W.; Au, H.K.; Chang, C.W.; Huang, C.T.; Yen, Y.H.; Tzeng, C.R.-