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-Fabrication of Precision Scaffolds Using Liquid-Frozen Deposition Manufacturing for Cartilage Tissue EngineeringYen, H.J.; 徐善慧; Hsu, S.H.; Tseng, C.S.; Huang, J.P.; Tsai, C.L.-
-Immunoadjuvant activities of a recombinant chicken IL-12 in chickens vaccinated with Newcastle disease virus recombinant HN proteinSu, B.S.; Yin, H.S.; Chiu, H.H.; Hung, L.H.; Huang, J.P.; Shien, J.H.; Lee, L.H.-
-Potentiation of cell-mediated immune responses against recombinant HN protein of Newcastle disease virus by recombinant chicken IL-18Su, B.S.; Shen, P.C.; Hung, L.H.; Huang, J.P.; Yin, H.S.; Lee, L.H.-