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-Effect of Cordyceps Militaris Supplementation on Sperm Production, Sperm Motility and Hormones in Sprague-Dawley RatsChang, Y.; 廖俊旺; Jeng, K.C.; Huang, K.F.; Lee, Y.C.; Hou, C.W.; Chen, K.H.; Cheng, F.Y.; Liao, J.W.; Chen, Y.S.-
-Study of InGaN-Based Light-Emitting Diodes on a Roughened Backside GaN Substrate by a Chemical Wet-Etching ProcessFu, Y.K.; Chen, B.C.; Fang, Y.H.; Jiang, R.H.; Lu, Y.H.; Xuan, R.; Huang, K.F.; Lin, C.F.; Su, Y.K.; Chen, J.F.; Chang, C.Y.-