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-Automatic Classification for Pathological Prostate Images Based on Fractal AnalysisHuang, P.W.; 黃博惠; Lee, C.H.-
-Dental biometrics: Human identification based on teeth and dental works in bitewing radiographsLin, P.L.; Lai, Y.H.; Huang, P.W.-
-Design of a two-stage content-based image retrieval system using texture similarityHuang, P.W.; 黃博惠; Dai, S.K.-
-An effective classification and numbering system for dental bitewing radiographs using teeth region and contour informationLin, P.L.; 黃博惠; Lai, Y.H.; Huang, P.W.-
-Effective segmentation and classification for HCC biopsy imagesHuang, P.W.; 黃博惠; Lai, Y.H.-
-A hierarchical digital watermarking method for image tamper detection and recoveryLin, P.L.; 黃博惠; Hsieh, C.K.; Huang, P.W.-
-Image database design based on 9D-SPA representation for spatial relationsHuang, P.W.; 黃博惠; Lee, C.H.-
-Image retrieval by texture similarityHuang, P.W.; 黃博惠; Dai, S.K.-
-A new indexing method with high storage utilization and retrieval efficiency for large spatial databasesLin, H.Y.; 黃博惠; Huang, P.W.; Hsu, K.H.-
-Optimizing storage utilization in R-tree dynamic index structure for spatial databasesHuang, P.W.; 黃博惠; Lin, P.L.; Lin, H.Y.-
-Planar shape recognition by directional flow-change methodHuang, P.W.; 黃博惠; Dai, S.K.; Lin, P.L.-
-Similarity retrieval based on group bounding and angle sequence matching in shape database systemsHuang, P.W.; 黃博惠; Dai, S.K.; Lin, P.L.; Kuo, R.T.-
-Spatial inference and similarity retrieval of an intelligent image database system based on object's spanning representationHuang, P.W.; 黃博惠; Hsu, L.P.; Su, Y.W.; Lin, P.L.-
-Symbolic picture retrieval by relative-metric spatial relationsHuang, P.W.; 黃博惠; Lin, P.L.-
-Texture image retrieval and image segmentation using composite sub-band gradient vectorsHuang, P.W.; 黃博惠; Dai, S.K.; Lin, P.L.-