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-The amplification culture of endospore formulation of Bacillus subtilis biofungicide and its use in disease managementHuang, W.; 黃姿碧; Chiu, Y.; Wang, T.; Huang, T.; Tzeng, D.-
-Biofilm formation and motility by strains of Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. citri causing differential symptoms on citrus leavesHuang, T.; 黃姿碧; Tzeng, K.-
-Genetic diversity of antagonistic Bacillus subtilis against citrus canker bacteriaHuang, T.; 黃姿碧; Chen, C.; Lee, Y.; Hwang, B.; Tzeng, D.; Tzeng, K.-
-Identification of anthracnose fungi by heteroduplex mobility assay and heteroduplex patternHuang, T.; 黃姿碧; Yeh, Y.; Tzeng, D.-
-Nutritional requirements and possible alternate hosts of Xylella fastidiosa that causes pear leaf scorch in TaiwanDeng, W.; 詹富智; Hsu, S.; Tzeng, Y.; Huang, T.; Su, C.; Jan, F.; Chang, C.-
-The use of arthrospore formulation of antagonistic Streptomyces for the control of diseases caused by Phytophthora speciesTzeng, D.; 黃姿碧; Huang, W.; Liang, Y.; Chen, C.; Huang, T.; Lee, T.; Lai, W.-