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-An apoptosis-related gene network induced by novel compound-cRGD in human breast cancer cellsHuang, T.C.; Huang, H.C.; Chang, C.C.; Chang, H.Y.; Ou, C.H.; Hsu, C.H.; Chen, S.T.; Juan, H.F.-
-Cinnamaldehyde Enhances Nrf2 Nuclear Transilocation to Upregulate Phase II Detoxifying Enzyme Expression in HepG2 CellsHuang, T.C.; Chung, Y.L.; Wu, M.L.; Chuang, S.M.-
-Effect of Arctium lappa L. in the dextran sulfate sodium colitis mouse modelHuang, T.C.; 劉宏仁; Tsai, S.S.; Liu, L.F.; Liu, Y.L.; Liu, H.J.; Chuang, K.P.-
-Eriodictyol decreases very late antigen-4 (VLA-4) expression, cellular adhesion, and migration through an NF kappa B-dependent pathway in monocytesHuang, T.C.; 劉宏仁; Tseng, K.Y.; Tsai, S.S.; Liu, H.J.; Ho, C.T.; Lin, H.Y.; Cheng, L.T.; Chuang, K.P.-
-First Report of Acidovorax avenae subsp citrulli as the Causal Agent of Bacterial Leaf Blight of Betelvine in TaiwanDeng, W.L.; 鄧文玲; Huang, T.C.; Tsai, Y.C.-
-Responses of phytoplankton and periphyton to system-scale removal of oyster-culture racks from a eutrophic tropical lagoonHuang, C.H.; Lin, H.J.; Huang, T.C.; Su, H.M.; Hung, J.J.-
-Routing Table Compaction for TCAM-Based IP Address LookupWang, P.C.; 王丕中 ; Fang, Y.T.; Huang, T.C.-
-Seismic response reduction of irregular buildings using passive tuned mass dampersLin, C.C.; 翁駿民; Ueng, J.M.; Huang, T.C.; 林其璋-