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-The microstructural characteristics and mechanical properties of Ni-Al/h-BN coatings deposited using plasma sprayingHsiao, W.T.; Su, C.Y.; Huang, T.S.; Liao, W.H.-
-Pathology and Viral Distributions of the Porcinophilic Foot-And-Mouth Disease Virus Strain (O/Taiwan/97) in Experimentally Infected PigsLee, S.H.; 張天傑; Jong, M.H.; Huang, T.S.; Lin, Y.L.; Wong, M.L.; Liu, C.I.; Chang, T.J.; 王孟亮-
-Phylogenetic analysis of classical swine fever virus isolated from TaiwanDeng, M.C.; 簡茂盛; Huang, C.C.; Huang, T.S.; Chang, C.Y.; Lin, Y.J.; Chien, M.S.; Jong, M.H.-
-Study of Interfacial Reactions Between Sn(Cu) Solders and Ni-Co Alloy LayersHuang, K.C.; 薛富盛; Shieu, F.S.; Huang, T.S.; Lu, C.T.; Chen, C.W.; Tseng, H.W.; Cheng, S.L.; Liu, C.Y.-