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-4-nm thick multilayer structure of multi-component (AlCrRuTaTiZr)N-x as robust diffusion barrier for Cu interconnectsChang, S.Y.; 張守一; Li, C.E.; Chiang, S.C.; Huang, Y.C.-
-5 nm-Thick (AlCrTaTiZrRu)N-0.5 Multi-Component Barrier Layer with High Diffusion Resistance for Cu InterconnectsChang, S.Y.; Wang, C.Y.; Li, C.E.; Huang, Y.C.-
-Acetogenin and Prenylated Flavonoids from Helminthostachys zeylanica with Inhibitory Activity on Superoxide Generation and Elastase Release by NeutrophilsHuang, Y.C.; Hwang, T.L.; Yang, Y.L.; Wu, S.H.; Hsu, M.H.; Wang, J.P.; Chen, S.C.; Huang, L.J.; Liaw, C.C.-
-An AlN Sacrificial Buffer Layer Inserted into the GaN/Patterned Sapphire Substrate for a Chemical Lift-Off ProcessLin, C.F.; 林佳鋒; Dai, J.J.; Lin, M.S.; Chen, K.T.; Huang, W.C.; Lin, C.M.; Jiang, R.H.; Huang, Y.C.-
-Analyses of interface adhesion between porous SiO2 low-k film and SiC/SiN layers by nanoindentation and nanoscratch tests張守一; Chang, S.Y.; Huang, Y.C.-
-Anti-inflammatory Flavonoids from the Rhizomes of Helminthostachys zeylanicaHuang, Y.C.; Hwang, T.L.; Chang, C.S.; Yang, Y.L.; Shen, C.N.; Liao, W.Y.; Chen, S.C.; Liaw, C.C.-
-Autocrine and paracrine regulation of interleukin-8 expression in lung cancer cellsYao, P.L.; 陳健尉; Lin, Y.C.; Wang, C.H.; Huang, Y.C.; Liao, W.Y.; Wang, S.S.; Chen, J.J.W.; Yang, P.C.-
-Blue light-emitting diodes with a roughened backside fabricated by wet etchingLin, C.F.; 林佳鋒; Lin, C.M.; Chen, K.T.; Huang, W.C.; Lin, M.S.; Dai, J.J.; Jiang, R.H.; Huang, Y.C.; Chang, C.Y.-
-Determinants of futures contract success: Empirical examinations for the Asian futures marketsHung, M.W.; Lin, B.H.; Huang, Y.C.; Chou, J.H.-
-Effect of plasma treatments on interface chemistry and adhesion strength between porous SiO2 low-k film and SiC/SiN layers張守一; Chang, S.Y.; Huang, Y.C.-
-Effect of residual stresses on mechanical properties and interface adhesion strength of SiN thin filmsHuang, Y.C.; 張守一; Chang, S.Y.; Chang, C.H.-
-Effects of gaIU Mutation on Pseudomonas syringae-Plant InteractionsDeng, W.L.; 鄧文玲; Lin, Y.C.; Lin, R.H.; Wei, C.F.; Huang, Y.C.; Peng, H.L.; Huang, H.C.; 黃秀珍-
-Enhancement of Light Extraction Efficiency of InGaN Light-Emitting Diodes with an Air-Hole-Array StructureLin, C.F.; Huang, Y.C.; Chen, S.H.; Wang, G.M.; Yang, Z.Z.-
-Hydrometeorological and landuse attributes of debris flows and debris floods during typhoon Toraji, July 29-30, 2001 in central TaiwanCheng, J.D.; Huang, Y.C.; Wu, H.L.; Yeh, J.L.; Chang, C.H.-
-Hydrothermal Growth and Interface Correlation of Highly Aligned ZnO Nanorod Arrays on UV-Activated Sol-Gel Transparent Conducting FilmsChang, S.Y.; 張守一; Yang, N.H.; Huang, Y.C.-
-In situ prepared polypyrrole for low humidity QCM sensor and related theoretical calculationSun, Y.L.; 林助傑; Wu, R.J.; Huang, Y.C.; Su, P.G.; Chavali, M.; Chen, Y.Z.; Lin, C.C.-
-InGaN-Based Light-Emitting Diodes with a Cone-Shaped Sidewall Structure Fabricated Through a Crystallographic Wet Etching ProcessLin, C.F.; 洪瑞華; Lin, C.M.; Yang, C.C.; Wang, W.K.; Huang, Y.C.; Chen, J.A.; Horng, R.H.; 林佳鋒-
-Low-temperature curing of aluminum-doped zinc oxide films assisted by ultraviolet exposureChang, S.Y.; 張守一; Huang, Y.C.; Chu, H.H.; Hsiao, Y.C.; Yang, N.H.; Lin, C.F.-
-Mechanical properties, deformation behaviors and interface adhesion of (AlCrTaTiZr)N-x multi-component coatingsChang, S.Y.; Lin, S.Y.; Huang, Y.C.; Wu, C.L.-
-Mechanical property and fracture behavior characterizations of 96.5 Sn-3.0 Ag-0.5 Cu solder jointsChang, S.Y.; 張守一; Huang, Y.C.; Lin, Y.M.-