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-Acute anal stretch inhibits NMDA-dependent pelvic-urethra reflex potentiation via spinal GABAergic inhibition in anesthetized ratsChen, S.L.; Huang, Y.H.; Kao, Y.L.; Chen, G.D.; Cheng, C.L.; Peng, H.Y.; Liao, J.M.; Huang, P.C.; Tsai, S.J.; Lin, T.B.-
-Analysis of rainfall-runoff relation in paddy fields by diffusive tank modelChen, R.S.; 陳榮松; Pi, L.C.; Huang, Y.H.-
-Clinical and epidemiological implications of swine hepatitis E virus infectionWu, J.C.; 陳全木; Chen, C.M.; Chiang, T.Y.; Sheen, I.J.; Chen, J.Y.; Tsai, W.H.; Huang, Y.H.; Lee, S.D.-
-Cytotoxic Lignan Esters from Cinnamomum osmophloeumChen, T.H.; 王升陽; Huang, Y.H.; Lin, J.J.; Liau, B.C.; Wang, S.Y.; Wu, Y.C.; Jong, T.T.; 鍾婷婷-
-Differential Measurement Errors in Zero-Truncated Regression Models for Count DataHuang, Y.H.; 黃文瀚; Hwang, W.H.; Chen, F.Y.-
-Dynamic tuning of the IEEE 802.11 distributed coordination function to derive a theoretical throughput limitHuang, Y.H.; Kuo, C.Y.-
-An effective algorithm for image sequence color transferWang, C.M.; 王宗銘 ; Huang, Y.H.; Huang, M.L.-
-Enhancement of fairness in a DiffServ network using a novel queuing algorithmHuang, Y.H.; 林冠成; Lin, K.C.; Kuo, C.Y.; Chen, C.H.; Chu, Y.P.-
-Improving fairness in DiffServ networks using adaptive aggregate markersLin, K.C.; 林冠成; Huang, Y.H.; Tsai, C.S.; Chen, C.H.; Chu, Y.P.-
-A novel automatic color transfer algorithm between imagesWang, C.M.; 王宗銘 ; Huang, Y.H.-
-A novel color transfer algorithm for image sequencesWang, C.M.; 王宗銘 ; Huang, Y.H.-
-A performance-oriented risk management framework for innovative R&D projectsWang, J.T.; 王瑞德; Lin, W.; Huang, Y.H.-
-Quantitative analysis of a high-rate hydrogen-producing microbial community in anaerobic agitated granular sludge bed bioreactors using glucose as substrateHung, C.H.; 洪俊雄; Lee, K.S.; Cheng, L.H.; Huang, Y.H.; Lin, P.J.; Chang, J.S.-
-Single nucleotide variation in exon 11 of canine BRCA2 in healthy and cancerous mammary tissueHsu, W.L.; 張天傑; Huang, Y.H.; Chang, T.J.; Wong, M.L.; Chang, S.C.; 徐維莉; 王孟亮; 張仕杰-