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-Comparative bioelectricity production from various wastewaters in microbial fuel cells using mixed cultures and a pure strain of Shewanella oneidensisNimje, V.R.; Chen, C.Y.; Chen, H.R.; Chen, C.C.; Huang, Y.M.; Tseng, M.J.; Cheng, K.C.; Chang, Y.F.-
-Is RTS/CTS Mechanism Effective for WLANs?Deng, D.J.; 黃德成 ; Chang, L.W.; Wang, H.W.; Huang, D.C.; Huang, Y.M.-
-Microbial fuel cell of Enterobacter cloacae: Effect of anodic pH microenvironment on current, power density, internal resistance and electrochemical lossesNimje, V.R.; Chen, C.Y.; Chen, C.C.; Tsai, J.Y.; Chen, H.R.; Huang, Y.M.; Jean, J.S.; Chang, Y.F.; Shih, R.C.-
-Mitigation of N and P leaching from irrigated wheat area as influence plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR)Kant, C.; Aydin, A.; Turan, M.; Huang, Y.M.-
-Removal of hexavalent chromium from acidic aqueous solutions using rice straw-derived carbonHsu, N.H.; 王尚禮; Wang, S.L.; Liao, Y.H.; Huang, S.T.; Tzou, Y.M.; Huang, Y.M.; 鄒裕民-
-Reproduction of the Bath Sponge Spongia ceylonensis (Dictyoceratida: Spongiidae) from Penghu, TaiwanChung, I.F.; 李宗翰; Huang, Y.M.; Lee, T.H.; Liu, L.L.-
-Temperature sensitivity of soil respiration is affected by nitrogen fertilization and land useTuran, M.; Ketterings, Q.M.; Gunes, A.; Ataoglu, N.; Esringu, A.; Bilgili, A.V.; Huang, Y.M.-
-Visible light response of Ag+/TiO2-Ti2O3 prepared by photodeposition under foam fractionationAtla, S.B.; Chen, C.C.; Chen, C.Y.; Lin, P.Y.; Pan, W.; Cheng, K.C.; Huang, Y.M.; Chang, Y.F.; Jean, J.S.-
-Wastewater from monosodium glutamate industry as a low cost fertilizer source for corn (Zea mays L.)Singh, S.; 楊秋忠; Rekha, P.D.; Arun, A.B.; Huang, Y.M.; Shen, F.T.; Young, C.C.-
-Yield and Chemical Composition of Brussels Sprout (Brassica oleracea L. gemmifera) as Affected by Boron ManagementTuran, M.; Ataoglu, N.; Gunes, A.; Oztas, T.; Dursun, A.; Ekinci, M.; Ketterings, Q.M.; Huang, Y.M.-