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-Catalytic upgrading of syngas from fluidized bed air gasification of sawdustHuang, Bing-Shun; Chen, Hsin-Yi; Kuo, Jia-Hong; Chang, Chu-Hsuan; Wey, Ming-Yen-
-Hydrogen production by biomass gasification in a fluidizedbed reactor promoted by an Fe/CaO catalystHuang, Bing-Shun; Chen, Hsin-Yi; Chuang, Kui-Hao; Yang, Ren-Xuan; Wey, Ming-Yen-
-Properties and H2 production ability of Pt photodeposited on the anatase phase transition of nitrogen-doped titanium dioxideHuang, Bing-Shun; Wey, Ming-Yen-
-Pt/TiO2-xNx/SrTiO3光觸媒以提升太陽能光解水產氫速率黃柄橓; Huang, Bing-Shun-
-以可見光光觸媒對揮發性有機物之光催化研究黃柄橓; Huang, Bing-Shun-