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-A Computational Model of Sediment Control for Soil and Water Conservation EngineeringHui-Pain Lien; I-Ta Tsai; 連惠邦; 蔡易達
-Relationship between Slope Failure Potential and Debris Flow Occurrence Potential:Case Study of Chai-Yi Feng-Shan Watershed連惠邦; Hui-Pain Lien; 林秉賢; 莊政霖; 黃俊霖; Bing-Shyan Lin; Cheng-Lin Chuang; Chun-Lin Huang
-台中和平區松茂部落遷建備選地調查及可行性評估Han Ju Chang; Meng-Hsun Hsieh; Chun-Sheng Lee; Hui-Pain Lien; Wen-Fu Chen; 張函儒; 謝孟勳; 李準勝; 連惠邦; 陳文福