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-Enhancer of Zeste Homolog 2 and Histone Deacetylase 9c Regulate Age-Dependent Mesenchymal Stem Cell Differentiation into Osteoblasts and AdipocytesChen, Ya-Huey; Chung, Chiao-Chen; Liu, Yu-Chia; Yeh, Su-Peng; Hsu, Jennifer L; Hung, Mien-Chie; Su, Hong-Lin; Li, Long-Yuan; 李龍緣
-GSK3β inactivation promotes the oncogenic functions of EZH2 and enhances methylation of H3K27 in human breast cancersKo, How-Wen; Lee, Heng-Huan; Huo, Longfei; Xia, Weiya; Yang, Cheng-Chieh; Hsu, Jennifer L; Li, Long-Yuan; Lai, Chien-Chen; Chan, Li-Chuan; Cheng, Chien-Chia; Labaff, Adam M; Liao, Hsin-Wei; Lim, Seung-Oe; Li, Chia-Wei; Wei, Yongkun; Nie, Lei; Yamaguchi, Hirohito; Hung, Mien-Chie; 李龍緣
-YY1 and HDAC9c transcriptionally regulate p38-mediated mesenchymal stem cell differentiation into osteoblastsChen, Ya-Huey; Chung, Chiao-Chen; Liu, Yu-Chia; Lai, Wei-Chen; Lin, Zong-Shin; Chen, Tsung-Ming; Li, Long-Yuan; 李龍緣; Hung, Mien-Chie-