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-Benzoxazines with tolyl, p-hydroxyphenyl or p-carboxyphenyl linkage and the structure-property relationship of resulting thermosetsLin, C.H.; 林慶炫; Lin, H.T.; Chang, S.L.; Hwang, H.J.; Hu, Y.M.; Taso, Y.R.; Su, W.C.-
-Facile and Efficient Preparation of Phosphinate-Functionalized Aromatic Diamines and Their High-T-g PolyimidesChang, C.W.; Lin, C.H.; Cheng, P.W.; Hwang, H.J.; Dai, S.A.-
-Inexpensive synthesis of 1,4-bis(4-aminophenoxy)-2-(6-oxido-6H-dibenz < c,e > < 1,2 > oxaphosphorin-6-yl) phenylene and its oxygen-plasma resistant polyamidesLin, C.H.; 林慶炫; Chang, S.L.; Fang, Y.T.; Hwang, H.J.; Tsai, C.H.-
-Spectroscopic and Functional Characterizations of Cyanobacterium Synechocystis PCC 6803 Mutants on and near the Heme Axial Ligand of Cytochrome b(559) in Photosystem IIHung, C.H.; Hwang, H.J.; Chen, Y.H.; Chiu, Y.F.; Ke, S.C.; Burnap, R.L.; Chu, H.A.-