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-(Earthquake Spectra, 24(3):641-666)Dynamic Parameter Identification for Irregular Buildings Considering Soil-Structure Interaction EffectsC. C. Lin; J. F. Wang; C. H. Tsai
-(Engineering Structures, 29(9):2143-2157)A Story Damage Index of Seismically-Excited Buildings Based on Modal Frequency and Mode ShapeJ. F. Wang; C. C. Lin; S. M. Yen-
-Experimental Study on Adjustable Tuned Mass Damper to Reduce Floor Vibration Due to MachineryM. L. Chang; C. C. Lin; J. M. Ueng; K. H. Hsieh; J. F. Wang-
-(International Journal of Solids and Structures, 42(20):5536-5554)Seismic Performance of Multiple Tuned Mass Dampers for Soil-Irregular Building Interaction SystemsJ. F. Wang; C. C. Lin-
-(Journal of Bridge Engineering, 10(4):398-414)Train-Induced Vibration Control of High-Speed Railway Bridges Equipped with Multiple Tuned Mass DampersC. C. Lin; J. F. Wang; B. L. Chen
-(Knowledge Bridge, 60(6):001-002)Parallel Multiple Tuned Mass DampersC. C. Lin; J. F. Wang
-Optimum Design and Experimental Study of Multiple Tuned Mass Dampers with Limited StrokeC. C. Lin; J. F. Wang; C. H. Lien; H. W. Chiang; C. S. Lin-
-Protection of Seismic Structures Using Semi-active Friction TMDC. C. Lin; G. L. Lin; J. F. Wang-
-(Smart Materials and Structures, 14(3):137-153)On-Line Building Damage Assessment Based on Earthquake RecordsC. C. Lin; C. E. Wang; H. W. Wu; J. F. Wang-
-(Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering, 30(3):098-109)Active control of irregular buildings considering soil-structure interaction effectsC. C. Lin; C. C. Chang; J. F. Wang-
-(Structural Control and Health Monitoring, 16(1):055-072)Two-Stage Optimum Design of Tuned Mass Dampers with Consideration of StrokeJ. F. Wang; C. C. Lin; C. H. Lian-
-(The Structural Design of Tall and Special Buildings, 17(1):133-165)Practical Design Issues of Tuned Mass Dampers for Torsionally Coupled Buildings under Earthquake LoadingsJ. M. Ueng; C. C. Lin; J. F. Wang-
-Vibration Control of Structures Equipped with Passive Tuned Mass Dampers under Near-Fault Earthquake ExcitationC. C. Lin; C. L. Chen; J. F. Wang-