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-Bioassay using blocking temperature: Interparticle interactions between biofunctionalized magnetic nanoparticles conjugated with biotargetsC. Y. Wang; T. W. Yang; D. Shen; K. L. Chen; J. M. Chen; S. H. Liao; J. J. Chieh; H. C. Yang; L. M. Wang
-(IEEE Transactions on Semiconductor Manufacturing,15(1):039-044)Hydrodynamic Characteristics of the Thin Fluid Film in Chemical-Mechanical PolishingJ. M. Chen; Y. C. Fang-
-(International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow,20(6):592-597)Vortex Shedding and Surface Pressures on a Square Cylinder at Incidence to a Uniform Air StreamJ. M. Chen; C. H. Liu-
-(Journal of Aircraft,34(3):330-336)Unsteady Pressure Measurements for Parallel Vortex-Airfoil Interaction at Low SpeedJ. M. Chen; D. M. Chang
-(Journal of Aircraft,36(3):507-514)Freestream Disturbance Effects on an Airfoil Pitching at Constant RateJ. M. Chen; C. C. Choa
-(Journal of Flow Visualization and Image Processing,04(1):069-080)Flow Visualization of Parallel Vortex-Airfoil InteractionJ. M. Chen; Y. T. Shieh
-(Journal of Fluids and Structures,10(6):601-614)Lateral Oscillations of an Aircraft Model at High Angles of AttackJ. M. Chen; T. G. Huang; J. M. Huang
-(Journal of Fluids and Structures,12(3):295-314)Experimental Investigation of Parallel Vortex-Plate InteractionJ. M. Chen; C. C. Chiou
-(Journal of Fluids and Structures,12(6):779-798)Lock-on of Vortex Shedding Due to Rotational Oscillations of a Flat Plate in a Uniform StreamJ. M. Chen; Y. C. Fang
-(Journal of the Chinese Society of Mechanical Engineers,16(6):547-556)Visualization and Wake Measurements of Flow over an Airfoil Pitching at Constant RatesJ. M. Chen; S. J. Huang
-(Journal of the Chinese Society of Mechanical Engineers,18(6):567-578)Surface Pressure and Dynamic Characteristics on a Pitching AirfoilJ. M. Chen; J. H. Lee-
-(Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics,61(2-3):099-112)Strouhal Numbers of Inclined Flat PlatesJ. M. Chen; Y. C. Fang-
-(Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics,66(3):179-196)Flow Past a Blunt Flat Plate Subjected to the Disturbance of Incident Vortex StreetJ. M. Chen; C. C. Chiou-
-(Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics,84(2):163-180)Experimental Study of Vortex Shedding and Subharmonic Lock-on for a Rotationally Oscillating Flat PlateY. C. Fang; J. M. Chen-
-(Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics,90(9):1019-1050)Observation of Hysteresis in Flow Around Two Square Cylinders in a Tandem ArrangementC. H. Liu; J. M. Chen-
-(Proceedings of SPIE, l:4283)Characteristics of dark current and photocurrent in superlattice infrared photodetectorsW. H. Hsieh; C. C. Chen; J. M. Chen; Y. W. Suen; C. H. Kuan
-(Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Flow Visualization,ISFV10-K1-1-1)Visualization of Flow Interaction between an Oscillating Upstream Cylinder and a Stationary Downstream CylinderJ. M. Chen; P. C. Lu; S. H. Lee-
-(Proceedings of the 11th National Conference on Mechanical Engineering,p187-p195)高攻角飛機模型之側向與正向耦合振動J. M. Chen; T. Z. Wu-
-(Proceedings of the 12th National Conference on Mechanical Engineering,p183-p192)Surface Pressure and Wake Vorticity over a Pitching AirfoilJ. M. Chen; J. H. Lee-
-(Proceedings of the 15th National Conference on Mechanical Engineering,p111-p117)具阻塞效應下二維垂直平板阻力的估算Y. C. Fang; J. M. Chen-