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-Characterization of an isolate of Apple stem grooving virus from pear (Pyrus pyrifolia var. Hengshen) in TaiwanWu, Z.; 詹富智; Jan, F.-
-Complete genome sequence of Capsicum chlorosis virus from Phalaenopsis orchid and prediction of the unexplored genetic information of tospovirusesZheng, Y.; Chen, C.; Jan, F.-
-Evaluation of the global genome of Tomato leaf curl virus for controlling geminiviruses via gene silencingChing-Yi, L.; 詹富智; Tsai, W.; Green, S.; Jan, F.-
-Flower crinkle of Phalaenopsis orchids-A new disease caused by an old virusZheng, Y.; 詹富智; Shen, B.; Chen, C.; Jan, F.-
-Identification and characterization of the causal agent of a new viral disease on sweet pepper in TaiwanHuang, C.; Zheng, Y.; Cheng, Y.; Chen, C.; Jan, F.-
-Identification of the critical factors for mechanical transmissibility of Tomato leaf curl New Delhi virusChan, C.; 詹富智; Chang, H.; Ku, H.; Jan, F.-
-Isolation and characterization of a new potyvirus causing chlorotic spots on moth orchids (Phalaenopsis spp.)Chen, C.; 詹富智; Zheng, Y.; Chen, Y.; Jan, F.-
-Isolation, identification and characterization of a tospovirus causing chlorotic necrosis and ringspots on moth orchids (Phalaenopsis spp.)Zheng, Y.; 詹富智; Chen, C.; Yeh, S.; Jan, F.-
-Molecular and biological characterization of a mechanically transmissible Tomato leaf curl New Delhi virus infecting oriental melon plantsChang, H.; 詹富智; Chein, R.; Tsai, W.; Jan, F.-
-A new natural host of Lisianthus necrosis virusChen, Y.; 詹富智; Jan, F.; Chen, C.; Hsu, H.-
-Nutritional requirements and possible alternate hosts of Xylella fastidiosa that causes pear leaf scorch in TaiwanDeng, W.; 詹富智; Hsu, S.; Tzeng, Y.; Huang, T.; Su, C.; Jan, F.; Chang, C.-
-Phylogenetic relationship of Xylella fastidiosa between pear leaf scorch strains and strains of other host originsChang, C.; Su, C.; Young, W.; Hsu, S.; Tzeng, K.; Deng, W.; Jan, F.-