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-An adaptive approximation method to discover frequent itemsets over sliding-window-based data streamsLi, Chao-Wei; Jea, Kuen-Fang-
-A generic simulation model for evaluating concurrency control protocols in native XML database systemsJea, Kuen-Fang; Chang, Tsui-Ping; Cheng, Chia-Wen-
-Mining frequent patterns from dynamic data streams with data load managementLi, Chao-Wei; Jea, Kuen-Fang; Lin, Ru-Ping; Yen, Ssu-Fan; Hsu, Chih-Wei-
-A syntactic approach to twig-query matching on XML streamsChou, Chien-Ping; Jea, Kuen-Fang; Liao, Heng-Hsun-
-在資料庫設計自動化系統上確保資料庫完整性丁志卿 ; Ting, Howard -
-物件導向資料庫系統之暫存區管理陳世穎 ; Chen, Shi-Ying -
-物件導向資料庫系統之靜態雜散架構王揮雄 ; Wang, Hui-Hsung -