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-Ag8SnS6: a new IR solar absorber material with a near optimal bandgapPatsorn Boon-on; Belete Asefa Aragaw; Chun-Yen Lee; Jen-Bin Shi; Ming-Way Lee; 李明威
-Angle-resolved field emisson of individual carbon nanotubes黃科傑; Huang, Ke-Jie-
-One-step growth of ZnO nanorods and a ZnO film for dye-sensitized solar cells賴明宏; Lai, Ming-Hong-
-Optical and magnetic properties of hydrothermally synthesized Al-doped ZnO Nanorods-
-Tailoring CuxS semiconductor-sensitized SnO2 solar cellsAuttasit Tubtimtae; Yi-Chung Wu; Yung-Chou Chen; Jen-Bin Shi; Ming-Way Lee
-奈米碳管場發射電流對角度關係之研究Lai, Wei-Ciao; 賴韋僑-
-掺雜2CdI4-2 、4I-1 、6I-1 之porphyrin晶體之反射偏極光譜及導電性之研究林維新; Lin, Wei-Xin-
-鉭酸鍶鉍鐵電晶體A位置的尺寸大小對結構與性質的影響施信健; SHIH, HSIN-CHIEN-