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-Antibacterial and Anti-Inflammatory Activities of Mycelia of a Medicinal Mushroom from Taiwan, Taiwanofungus salmoneus (Higher Basidiomycetes)-
-Antioxidant Properties and Polysaccharide Composition Analysis of Antrodia camphorata and Agaricus blazeiHuang, Ling-Chuan; 黃鈴娟-
-Antioxidant properties of various extracts from Hypsizigus marmoreus-
-Chemical composition of Pleurotus eryngii submerged-fermented soybean milkHsin-Yi Chien; 簡欣儀
-Effect of ethanolic extracts from Antrodia salmonea mycelium on invasion and metastasis in cancer cellHsuan-Hui Wu; 吳宣慧
-Effect of supplementation with pulsed light irradiated Pleurotus ferulae on bone mineral density and biological activities in aging female miceHui-Tzu Yu; 游蕙慈
-Evaluation of Fractions from Antrodia salmonea Mycelium on Glucoregulation Enzymes and Antioxidant ActivityPei-Hsuan Wu; 吳沛瑄
-Lignosus rhinocerus, Agaricus bisporus and other edible and medicinal mushrooms: Comparison of functional components and mineralsYu-Chang Lo; 羅宇昌
-Ouality Evaluation and Purification Analysis of boiling and alkaline water extracts of stipe ofLin, Yen-Pin; 林彥斌-
-Preparation of 10-Oxo-trans-8-decenoic Acid Containing Extract from Agrocybe cylindracea and Its Physiological ActivitiesSiao-Fang Gu; 古曉芳
-Preparation of Cordyceps-Fermented Rice Using Solid State Fermentation and Its Quality and Antioxidant Properties郭惠菁; Kuo, Hui-Ching-
-Preparation of glucochitosan from residual of Ganoderma tsugae and its antioxidant and physicochemical properties林怡岑; Lin, Yi-Tsen-
-Preparation of Grifola frondosa - Fermented Wheat Using Solid State Fermentation and Its Quality and Antioxidant Properties林欣儀; Lin, Shin-Yi-
-Preparation of Phellinus-fermented Adlay and Phellinus-fermented Rice Using Solid State Fermentation and Their Taste Quality and Physiological Activities徐佳莉; Syu, Jia-Li-
-Quality Evaluation of Anka Bread and Its Antioxidant Properties陳祺欣; Chen, Chi-Hsin-
-Quality Evaluation of Soybean BreadYing-Mai Cheng; 鄭盈玫
-Quality of bread supplemented with mushroom mycelia-
-不同發酵時間製成茶葉之物理化學和感官特性變化張秀銀; Udompornmongkol, Panisa-
-以杏鮑菇和珊瑚菇製備含麥角硫因萃取物張原華; Yuan-Hua Chang
-巴西蘑菇菌絲體土司與猴頭菇菌絲體土司之品質評估Ulziijargal, Enkhjargal; 恩和-